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Selecting our fresh leafy vegetables is an invitation to savor the crispness and vitality of nature. Grown with dedication on our farm in Tamil Nadu, our leafy greens are a celebration of the land's richness. By choosing our produce, you're not only enjoying the delightful taste of vibrant greens but also embracing a healthier way of life. Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that the vegetables you receive are not only delicious but also cultivated with great care for the environment and your well-being.

Make the choice for your health and your culinary creations—choose the freshness of our farm's leafy vegetables.

(* Please note that our leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables are not available for online order due to their perishable nature. Message us to see if we can deliver to your location)

For Nature & You

Why Choose Kannukutty Fresh Leafy Vegetables

At Kaleeswari Farm (home of Kannukutty branded fresh farm produces), our fresh leafy vegetables are a testament to the natural goodness and vitality of Tamil Nadu’s fertile lands. Here’s why you should choose Kannukutty Fresh Leafy Vegetables:

  • Purity and Quality: Our leafy vegetables are grown with the utmost care and dedication. We follow sustainable farming practices and prioritize the health of the land. As a result, our produce is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety for your family.

  • Freshness and Flavor: When you choose Kannukutty Fresh Leafy Vegetables, you’re opting for vegetables that are harvested at the peak of freshness. The result is vibrant greens bursting with natural flavors and essential nutrients, making every bite a delightful and healthy experience.

  • Sustainable Farming: We’re committed to preserving the environment and the well-being of our community. Our vegetables are cultivated with great respect for the land, promoting sustainable farming practices that safeguard the future of our ecosystem.

  • A Taste of Tradition: By choosing our fresh leafy vegetables, you’re embracing a taste of tradition. Our farming practices are deeply rooted in the wisdom of generations, ensuring the authenticity and goodness of every leaf.

  • For Your Health: Our fresh leafy vegetables are more than just ingredients; they are a choice for your health. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to a nutritious and wholesome diet. Incorporating our vegetables into your meals is a step toward a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

  • Direct from the Farm to Your Plate: With Kannukutty Fresh Leafy Vegetables, you get a direct connection to our farm. Our produce is delivered fresh from our land to your plate, eliminating unnecessary middlemen and ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

  • Support Local Agriculture: When you choose our fresh leafy vegetables, you’re not only choosing quality and health; you’re also supporting local agriculture and the livelihoods of our farming community. Your choice contributes to the growth and sustainability of our region.

Incorporating fresh leafy vegetables into your life is not just a culinary decision; it’s an endorsement of quality, health, and the enduring spirit of our land. Celebrate the goodness of fresh, farm-grown leafy greens with us and make them an essential part of your daily well-being.

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Freshest and Healthiest

Discovering Kanukutty from Kaleeswari Farm has been a revelation. Their pesticide-free produce is a delicious nod to our farming heritage. It's more than just food; it's a connection to tradition and a healthier way of life. Kaleeswari Farm is where quality meets values, and I'm grateful for the taste of authenticity in every bite..

Cute Mallu lady giving testimonial for coconut oil

Best coconut oil

Kaleeswari Farm's Kannukutty coconut oil is simply exceptional. It's not just a cooking staple; it's a taste of the pure, pristine coconut groves of Tamil Nadu. The rich aroma and authentic flavor make every dish extraordinary. Knowing that it's sourced from a farm that's committed to tradition and sustainability makes it even more special. I wouldn't use any other coconut oil in my kitchen.

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Amazing coconut for yummy chutney

Coconuts from Kaleeswari Farm are a taste of pure, tropical goodness. Each one is a delicious reminder of the sun-soaked groves and sustainable farming practices of Tamil Nadu. These coconuts are a delight to crack open, with fresh, hydrating water and rich, creamy flesh that adds a tropical twist to my recipes. They're not just coconuts; they're a connection to the land and the dedication of local farmers.